3 Level Funnel Design PowerPoint Template with Categories

The 3 Level Funnel Design Template with Categories is a PowerPoint layout for impressive funnel chart presentations. The funnel diagram templates for sales and marketing concepts contribute to conveying the topics effectively. Because this diagram visually illustrates a process of qualifying sales. A typical marketing funnel has 3 stages i.e. visitors, lead, and customer. Each stage contains its own set of goals, channels, and content. For example, the goal at top of the funnel is to generate more traffic toward business. The channels are the venues of reaching out to the potential leads with content that gets their attention.

A funnel chart describes the progressive reduction in data as it passes through multiple stages. For example, use a funnel chart to obtain potential customers for the sale of an insurance policy. Each stage will subsequently become smaller than its previous stage as conversion data is being processed. The lower end of the funnel will produce a small number of qualified sales as an outcome to process leads.

The 3 Level Funnel Design Template with Categories helps presenters to add details of processes in the table layout. Ideally, the table on the funnel’s right can be used to highlight quarterly leads and sales conversions. The users can edit the text placeholders in 3 levels of funnel or table however they see fit.

The funnel chart template with 3 levels is a useful presentation tool to simplify various sales and marketing concepts. For instance, creating a funnel chart for the lead nurturing process, an interactive content marketing funnel, or B2B marketing funnel. The PowerPoint templates of 3 level funnel diagrams will help create presentations about these concepts. Moreover, its simple design will deliver a more explicit message.

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