21-Year Career Journey PowerPoint Template

The 21-Year Career Journey PowerPoint Template presents the events in 21 years of a career journey. The template visually represents the yearly achievements towards a particular life goal. This infographic template has three different layouts to display the career journey timeline. Using these layouts, the presenters can discuss the covered milestones of their struggle journey throughout the 21 years.

The first layout has two slides that contain a mountain infographic. The ground level of the mountain indicates the start of the career. The person’s efforts are symbolized using a human character climbing up the hill on a bright yellow track. This character is shown crawling and then running to get stable over time. So, different character postures depict the phases of struggle, e.g., a regular standing position at the end of 21 years. This template clearly explains the concept of continuous hard work hidden behind a person’s achievement. You can mention the details of each year using the text boxes placed in the different divisions of the mountain infographic.

The horizontal flow diagram in the second layout divides the person’s career journey into three phases (each on a separate slide). The flow diagram of each slide starts with a specific icon representing a distinct phase of the career journey. For instance, the pen icon on the third slide indicates the educational stage of the career. Presenters can change these icons and add the relevant text in the specific text boxes arranged yearly.

To showcase your career journey in the form of a roadmap, users can use the third layout. It is a roadmap timeline slide that contains a diagram of the road, which has 21 location marks. Each map pin represents a specific landmark of the career timeline. These pins are distributed in three slides of the layout. There is a textbox placed with each pin to display the essential activities of that year.

So, presenters can edit this engaging 21-Year Career Journey PowerPoint Template to display their 21-years career journey effectively. Further, users can use our 7-Year Career Journey PowerPoint Template to present a shorter and concise career journey. Users can replace the graphic icons and placeholder text according to one’s choice. Users can customize this template using PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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