How to Use Outline View in PowerPoint

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PowerPoint provides different views to help presenters manage their presentations and PowerPoint templates. The Normal view is often used when creating presentations, the Slide Sorter view helps sort slides easily, the Reading view gives ease of reading the slides for review purposes, whereas the Slideshow mode is used for presenting presentations. Similarly, if you need to review and manage your outlines, the Outline View in PowerPoint is the right option.

How to Switch to Outline View in PowerPoint

By going to View -> Outline View, you can see the outline for your presentation. This view displays the presentation as titles and text within slides to give you an overview of the slide content.

Locating PowerPoint Outline View in PowerPoint
Example of PowerPoint Outline

The PowerPoint Outline View can also help to define the structure of your presentation beforehand, or review your slides after you have created a basic outline and need to start working on your slides. This can help you review if the outline makes sense. You can also use it during or after the completion of your presentation for the same purpose.

PowerPoint displaying presentation Outline View and Slide Management
Presentation Outline in PowerPoint

There are numerous handy options in the PowerPoint Outline view accessible via the right-click context menu. This includes options to expand or collapse the list and delete, move, or add new slides.

Outline View settings in PowerPoint
Expanding PowerPoint Outline View

How to Print an Outline of the Presentation

To print an outline for your slides, go to File -> Print and select Outline via Settings. Select the printer and click Print.

Printing PowerPoint Outline View
Print options of PowerPoint Outline

Final Words

When designing your presentation outline in PowerPoint, a few considerations should include the title, introduction to your topic, subheadings, the number of slides you intend to use, a summary of your slides to make your content memorable with key action points, and a conclusion. The Outline View in PowerPoint can be a good option to review the basic outline for your presentation to remain on track when working on your slides.

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