How to Lock a Picture in PowerPoint and Google Slides

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Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides both have the feature of locking the position of images and objects.
Integrating images in your presentations can sometimes be a chore, especially if there are two or more images in one slide. Fortunately, you can now lock an image in PowerPoint, as well as in a Google Slides Theme.

How to Lock a Picture in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has a new feature to help you in formatting your images, this includes locking an image—specifically, its size and position. For objects, all of their contents are also locked. You can follow this process if you want your PowerPoint background image locked as well.

So, how do you exactly lock an image in PowerPoint? Follow these steps:

1) Select an image, then head to the Picture Format tab.

2) Choose the Selection Pane.

How to lock images selection pane

3) A new window will appear on your right, displaying all of your objects on a slide. Select the image and click the lock button on the right to lock its position and size.

4) Alternatively, you can right-click then select Lock, and it will have the same effect.

How to lock an image popup image lock icon

5) To Unlock, in the Selection pane, click the corresponding Lock button of the image once again. Also, you can right-click, and select Unlock.

How to Lock Aspect Ratio in PowerPoint

Aspect Ratio is the ratio of your picture’s width and height. This preserves your image’s quality by avoiding any unnecessary stretches and distortions when changing its size. To check this option in PowerPoint, do the following:

1) Select the picture, then go to the Picture Format tab.

2) From the Size group, click the button on the bottom-right corner to open Format Picture.

how to lock image aspect ratio

3) Check if Lock aspect ratio is turned on or has a check mark.

How to Lock an Image in Google Slides

Google Slides does not have a lock feature yet for individual photos or objects. What you can do though is to take a screenshot of the slide and insert it as a background photo on a slide to prevent any unwanted movements.

1) Select the slide you want to insert a permanent background on.

2) Choose Slide, then select Change background.

how to lock image google slides

3) Select Choose image to upload your background image. You can upload from your computer’s files, by URL, and Google Drive.

how to change background image google slides

4) To reset the theme, go to Slide > Change background then click Reset.

How to Lock Aspect Ratio in Google Slides

1) Select the image from your slide. Then, go to Format options.

how to lock an image in google slides format options menu

2) From the Size & Rotation group, tick the Lock aspect ratio checkbox to turn it on.

lock aspect ratio google slides

3) To turn it off, click the checkbox to uncheck.

Final Thoughts

Those are all the solutions that you can apply in photos and objects by locking their position and formatting. By following these tips, you’ll make your presentations look more clean and organized.

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