How to Insert a Word Document into PowerPoint

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Many people require making presentations to summarize lengthy documents. In such a case, copying text to create slides can be quite laborious. To save time, one can insert a Word document into PowerPoint to make generating new presentations easier or share a file within a presentation deck with a user.

There are three different ways by which you can insert a Word doc in PowerPoint. It can be exported as a presentation, the outline for the file can be imported to build upon the basic structure of the document, or the entire document can be inserted as an object.

Export Word to PowerPoint

To export a Microsoft Word document as a presentation deck, you will require opening it in Word for the web, a.k.a. Word Online. To export a document, open it in Word for the web, and go to File > Export > Export to PowerPoint Presentation.

export a Word file to PowerPoint

In the next step, select a theme for the exported document, or you can open it as a blank presentation.

selecting theme for Word to PowerPoint conversion

The file’s content will be summarized in the form of PowerPoint slides and exported to the selected theme.

summarizing your content from Word to PowerPoint

Once the document is ready, click Open Presentation to launch your Word document as a PowerPoint slide deck.

Word import ready in PowerPoint

To further design your slides, you can use PowerPoint Designer for suggestions, including themes and images that might suit your presentation.

Word design converted to PowerPoint slides

Below is an example of a Word document exported to PowerPoint as a presentation deck.

Word document converted to PowerPoint presentation

Import Outline from a Word Document

Sometimes, it’s not the several pages of text but the outline needed to start creating a presentation. To import the outline from a Word file, you will require the headings to be present hierarchically (e.g., H1, H2, and H3).  

To import the outline, go to the Home tab and select New Slide > Slides from Outline.

importing slides from outline into PPT file

Select the document you wish to use for importing the outline and click Insert.

selecting Word file to import outline in PowerPoint

This will import the document headings as an outline in PowerPoint.

importing outline from Word to PowerPoint

Insert Word Document as an Object

When sharing a presentation via email, inserting documents as objects can enable the end user to open them instantly.  To do this, go to Insert > Object.

starting point to insert a word document as an object in PowerPoint

In the dialog box that opens up, go to Create from File, browse and select your document. You can either insert the document as a link or as an icon in the presentation slide.

insert a word file as an object in PowerPoint

Word File as a link in PowerPoint

The below image shows a Word document inserted in PowerPoint as a link. In this case, a thumbnail image is automatically generated.

insert a word file as a link in powerpoint

Word File as an Icon in PowerPoint

The below image shows a Word document inserted in PowerPoint as an icon.

insert a Word file as an icon in PowerPoint

Regardless of whether you insert a Word document as a link or icon, once the link or Word icon is clicked, the document will open up.

Third-Party Conversion Tools

Word to PowerPoint Converters

You can use online converters that can directly convert Word to PPT, such as Convertio, Online2PDF, Online-Convert, etc.

using Convertio to convert a Word file into PPT format

Using Adobe Acrobat to Convert Word to PPT

You can also use third-party conversion tools to convert Word documents to PowerPoint. Many tools, such as Adobe Acrobat or Wondershare PDFelement, require converting the document to PDF from Word before converting it to PowerPoint.

using Adobe Acrobat to convert Word to PDF

Word documents often contain information that is required to create presentations. Whether you wish to create a version of the document as a PowerPoint presentation, generate an outline from it, or simply insert it in a slide, the steps mentioned above can help you insert Word into PowerPoint to match your needs. If you don’t have Word installed on your computer or a Microsoft account to use the online version of Word, you can use third-party conversion tools to convert Word to PowerPoint.

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