How to Insert a PDF into PowerPoint

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Many PowerPoint presentations consist of extracts from reports available in Word documents, spreadsheets, and PDF files. Using content from PDF files can be difficult for PowerPoint users since copying information isn’t always easy due to the way content is saved in the Portable Document Format. This is why inserting a PDF into PowerPoint might be a viable option for a PowerPoint presentation.

4 Ways to Insert PDF in PowerPoint

There are different methods for showing information from PDF files in PowerPoint templates. Below are 4 easy ways to insert a PDF into PowerPoint.

Insert PDF in PowerPoint as a Clickable Link

You can insert a PDF in PowerPoint as a clickable link. To do this, go to Insert -> Text -> Object.

Insert an object in PowerPoint

Select the PDF file you wish to add to your PowerPoint slide. You can also enable the Link option; however, leaving it unchecked also inserts the PDF file as a clickable image in Normal view in PowerPoint.

Select a PDF file to insert in PowerPoint
Select a document file to Insert PDF into PowerPoint

This will insert it as an image that can be opened in Normal via double-clicking or right-clicking menu.

Open a PDF file from PowerPoint using contextual menu
Open a PDF file from PowerPoint to insert the document into your slides

To trigger the file to open in SlideShow mode, select the embedded PDF image and go to Links -> Action.

Set trigger action to open PDF in PowerPoint

You can trigger the image to open on mouse click or mouse hover via Object Action -> Open from the dialog box that opens up.

Action setting in PowerPoint
Action setting in PowerPoint to open PDF

The below image shows a PDF embedded as an image in a slide with a clickable action enabled to trigger opening it on mouse click in SlideShow mode. You might get a notification asking you to open the document if you trust the source. Click Enable to open the PDF file in SlideShow mode.

Security prompt to open PDF in PowerPoint

Insert PDF in PowerPoint as an Icon

Like inserting a PDF as a link, you can add it to a PowerPoint slide as an icon by going to Insert -> Text -> Object.

Select the PDF file to insert in PowerPoint and check Display as Icon checkbox.

Display object as Icon in PowerPoint

From the dialog box that opens up on mouse click or mouse hover via Object Action -> Open.

Object icon action in PowerPoint

This will insert the PDF file as an icon in your PowerPoint slide. You can open the icon in Normal view via right-click menu or by double-clicking on the icon.

Open PDF from icon in PowerPoint using contextual menu

To trigger the PDF file to open in SlideShow mode, select the icon and go to Links -> Action.

Trigger to open PDF from icon in PowerPoint

The below image shows the clickable PDF icon in SlideShow mode in PowerPoint.

Clickable PDF icon in PowerPoint slide

Insert PDF as a Screenshot

A PDF file or document parts can be inserted in PowerPoint as a screenshot. You can use the Print Screen option on your computer to grab screenshots, a third-party tool such as Greenshot or Shotty, or simply use the built-in screenshot tool in PowerPoint to take screenshots.

To take a screenshot of a PDF document using PowerPoint open the PDF, go to PowerPoint and select Insert -> Image -> Screenshot. Using this option, you can quickly insert a screenshot of an active window or select a part of the PDF file to insert in your current slide via the Screen Clipping option.

Insert screenshot in PowerPoint

If you’re using the Screen Clipping option, select the area to insert in your slide by dragging the mouse over the section of the PDF that you want to insert.

Selecting screen clipping area

This will insert the screenshot of the PDF file in PowerPoint.

Inserted screenshot with link in PowerPoint

Use a PDF Conversion Tool

Instead of opening a PDF in PowerPoint or using screenshots, you can also convert PDF files to Flipbook or PowerPoint. This can enable using the pages of the PDF document as individual slides for your presentation. Many online and offline converters can help you convert PDF to PowerPoint. A few such tools include Adobe Acrobat DC, TalkHelper PDF Converter, CloudConvert, ZamZar, SmallPDF, and iLovePDF.

Most PDF to PowerPoint converters have similar settings. For this post, we will use the online iLovePDF conversion tool to convert a PDF document to PowerPoint. To convert your PDF file, upload it to the iLovePDF converter.

PDF to PowerPoint converter
Convert PDF to PowerPoint using a 3rd. party service

Once you have added one or more documents to convert, click Convert to PPTX.

Convert PDF to PPTX file

The document will be converted, and a download link will become available for downloading the PPTX file.

Download converted PPTX file

Below is an example of a PDF file converted to PowerPoint.

Converted PDF into PPTX file

Final Words

PDF documents often contain information that needs to be used in PowerPoint slides. Whether you take a screenshot, insert the PDF to open and discuss throughout your presentation or convert PDF documents as slides might depend on your presentation needs.

For a single image, a screenshot might be sufficient; however, converting the document or opening it during your presentation might be a more feasible option for more detailed information. Remember, you don’t have to work with paid PDF conversion tools if your aim is to stick with PPT templates free download – tools like iLovePDF are perfect for this process and won’t hinder your workflow.

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