How to Add Footnotes in PowerPoint

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Footnotes are commonly used in Word documents for referencing content. Using footnotes in PowerPoint isn’t as straightforward as Word documents. However, you can incorporate a footnote in PowerPoint by following the steps below.

How to Add Footnotes in PowerPoint

To add footnotes in PowerPoint templates or slide decks, you might have created from scratch, go to Insert -> Text -> Header & Footer.

Insert footnote in PowerPoint

Add the footnote number and text, and click Apply.

Add footer in PowerPoint

Now, add a number to the text where required (e.g., 1 at the end of a line indicating the first footnote). Select the number from within the main body text and footer text, and click the arrow icon next to the Font menu from the Home tab for advanced font and character options.

Change text to superscript in footer

Select Superscript and define a percentage to offset the reference number for your footnote.

Superscript in Font options

The below image shows an example of a footnote added in a PowerPoint slide using footer text and a footnote number in the main body text. Both the numbers in the footer and main slide body text were changed to superscript.

Applied footnote in PowerPoint

How to Add Multiple Footnotes in PowerPoint

To add multiple footnotes in PowerPoint, go to the added footer text and hit Enter to add a new line. Type the additional references, and make sure you also add the relevant footnote number within the main body text of the slide. Select the numbers (e.g., 2 for footnote two) and click the arrow next to the Font menu in the Home tab.

Change text to superscript in PowerPoint

Select Superscript and an offset percentage for your footnote number.

Font text options in PowerPoint

Below is an example of two footnotes in a PowerPoint slide. You can add as many powerPoint footnotes as needed using the method described above.

Two footnotes added in PowerPoint

Final Words

You can add footnotes in PowerPoint by adding footer text and changing the corresponding numbers to superscript. The footer text is also easily customizable, and you can adjust the text’s size, color, and position to customize it according to your requirements.

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