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The Free Growth vs Static Mindset PowerPoint Diagram is a concept design template for promoting change. This template contains two slides using human head and brain as metaphors for mindset concepts. The mindset PowerPoint diagrams are ideal presentation tool for cognitive thinking. Since there is a wave of environmental change worldwide. Activists all over the world are protesting to save earth from pollution by promoting healthy changes. This presentation can help discuss such healthy environmental changes and encourage people to make choices for a greater cause. The Growth vs Static Mindset PowerPoint Diagram basically shows a difference between people who think qualities are fixed or not. For example, people with a fixed mindset believe that skills, talents, and interpersonal qualities are unchangeable. Whereas, the growth mindset individuals believe that learning and intelligence can grow over time with experience.

The two slides of growth and static mindset template contain flat silhouette shapes. Here, green and gray human head and brain shapes represent growth and fixed mindsets respectively. Further, the first slide contains text placeholders while second layout display clipart icons for graphical representation. The slides with clipart icons use tree bunch for growth and lock for static mindset. Therefore, the diagram is suitable for material recycling campaign presentations. However, these clipart icons are editable PowerPoint shapes and easily replaceable. Simply remove and insert desire shapes and images from insert menu options.

The Growth vs Static Mindset PowerPoint Diagram is useful for skill development and motivational presentations. Therefore, professional organizations can download this template to promote innovative learning sessions. Because such presentations encourage people to learn for personal growth and invest in business productivity.


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