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Free Template of Timeline Diagram with 5 Years Milestone
Free Template of Timeline Diagram with 4 Years Milestone
Free Template of Timeline Diagram with 3 Years Milestone

The Free Timeline Template for PowerPoint is the commonly used management tool for training and development on a regular basis. It is an outstanding diagram to help visualize complex concepts and data in an easily understandable format. It represents an event or process over a specific timeframe and visually analyzes data. The free PowerPoint template is a 2-slide, fully customizable timeline diagram of awesome infographics. It is a horizontal timeline template containing five and four milestone diagrams. This PowerPoint presentation is useful for demonstrating a history review or a company’s performance or growth in the past 5-10 years. It can help display the breakthrough elements of the company or project with attractive illustrations of a pre-defined period.

The diagram of the Free Timeline Template for PowerPoint contains editable PowerPoint shapes like circles and nodes. Further, the infographics inside the circular icons can demonstrate ideas in different presentations. These infographics include documents, gear, truck, shields, and flags. This timeline template assists users in editing and manipulating the elements of PowerPoint slides. For example, copy a segment of the horizontal timeline for a milestone upgrade. To do so, press ctrl and select all the items of one section, such as, circular shapes, infographic, direction node, and text placeholders. Copy/paste the selective item and adjust the node accordingly. Similarly, change the colors, size, placement, shape effects, animations, and more using easy options available in PowerPoint. Additionally, use the timeline diagram template for readymade presentations by either copying slides or individual objects. also has slides of multi-step timeline template for PowerPoint available in the premium catalog.

The creative design of the free PowerPoint template for the timeline is a flexible presentation with plenty of options to modify it. This is a valuable template diagram for business and educational purposes. For instance, make a business development plan and use the milestones to track the progress like the Gantt chart timeline. Also, in academics, it can help teachers to create a timeline of course topics and steps in a process.

Alternatively to this PowerPoint timeline graphic template, you can download another timeline template design for professional presentations with awesome designs and different number of milestones, and compatible with PowerPoint & Google Slides. Also, check our tutorial on how to create a project timeline, how to make a timeline on Google Slides and our complete collection of free PowerPoint templates.


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