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The Free Segmented Brain Infographics for PowerPoint presents a human head silhouette. It is divided into equal parts representing three horizontal levels. These parts assemble to create shape of a human head with clipart icons to visualize elements at each level. The human head presentations are commonly used for symbolizing innovative ideas or thinking processes. This head silhouette can aid to showcase the thought process in business and marketing presentations. For example, brainstorming on a strategy to optimizing operations or progress. You can easily copy these free slides on existing business planning presentations.

The free segmented human head silhouette contains vector-based graphics. These are fully editable PowerPoint shapes. It enables users to change colors, resize segments, or replace clipart icons suited for topic being discussed. Moreover, it is an animated presentation diagram to engage audience with appealing slide transitions. The users can also change these transition styles in PowerPoint or apply animations time.

The Free Segmented Brain Infographics for PowerPoint creates a visual reference to the thinking concepts. The three levels of the diagram can demonstrate a connection between three processes in a flow. Such as a 3 steps problem-solving technique. The brain infographics are ideal designs for decision making or critical thinking presentations. Therefore, PowerPoint templates of segmented brain could be used in all types of industries to address analytical topics.


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