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The Free Creative Dashboard UX Mockup PowerPoint Template is an outstanding presentation of user experience design. The PowerPoint dashboard has four brilliant slides demonstrating the influence of both user interface and experience. Although the terms UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are relevant to each other. However, the UX deals with the technical features whereas, the UI refer to the design and look of the application. The dashboard, on the other hand, is the front face of application. It presents a quick view of KPI’s, business processes and objectives to the users. The creative UX mockup template contains four designs to display the major component helpful in every business progress reporting. This includes, user-login page slide, basic dashboard view, email section and KPIs and statistics.

The brilliant design of Free Creative Dashboard UX Mockup PowerPoint Template also presents the complexity of processes. For instance, KPIs, analytics, business intelligence and product development reporting dashboards. The UX mockup template is a collection of various PowerPoint icons, shapes, text placeholders and clipart images. These free slides have an organize format of these elements creating a professional UX dashboard. Further, the editing feature of PowerPoint assists the users to make changes in the design and text of the slides. For example, changing the blue and white theme to more colorful or darker layout. For this, select the colors option from variants drop down menu in design bar. Similarly, change the position of objects i.e. drag and drop menu bars on the dashboard or the statistics charts designs.

The creative PowerPoint dashboard UX mockup is a free template to view the summarize version of data which makes sense. These free slides of PowerPoint illustrate the dashboard of company’s ERP systems for presenting actionable information. Such as, responding to emails, working on to-do list or analyzing the progress of sales, targets and profits. Moreover, the available infographic icons represent the meaningful components of dashboard UX mockup.


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