How to Add Columns in PowerPoint

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You can add PowerPoint columns to device slide content in multiple sections. Adding columns makes the text and other related information easier to present. This can also help make the best use of slide space to help reduce the number of slides needed to present information in PowerPoint templates.

How to Make Columns in PowerPoint

To make columns in PowerPoint, select a text box or add one via the Insert tab. Once the text box is selected, go to the Home tab and select Add or Remove Columns. Select up to three columns from this dropdown menu or add a custom number of columns via More Columns.

How to add columns in PowerPoint

The below image shows a three-column layout in PowerPoint.

Three column layout in PowerPoint

How to Add More than Three Columns in PowerPoint

To add more than three columns in PowerPoint, go to Home -> Add or Remove Columns -> More Columns. You can select the number of columns and spacing to add from the dialog box.

Add custom column count in PowerPoint slide

The below image shows a four-column layout for a slide in PowerPoint.

Four column layout in PowerPoint

How to Create Bulleted and Number Lists in Columns

To create a list for your columns, select the text and go to numbering to create a number list.

Add numbered list to a column layout in PowerPoint

Similarly, you can select a bullet list format to create bulleted lists in PowerPoint.

How to add bullet list to columns in PowerPoint

In the next image, you can find an example of a bulleted list created in three columns in a PowerPoint slide. You can use this simple method to create lists in PPT columns.

Column layout with bulleted list in PowerPoint slide

Final Words

Columns can help make slides more cohesive. Using a PPT with two columns or more in a slide can enable using less space for showcasing more content without creating too many slides to make slides text-heavy. This is because lists within columns or self-explanatory icons and images side by side can be easier to grasp for an audience and can also help keep the layout minimalist.

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