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Introducing SlideModel.AI, the AI presentation maker that will help you streamline your presentation design workflow and save time.

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AI Presentation Maker compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides

Generate your presentations with AI

Discover the power of AI-driven content creation with SlideModel's AI Presentation Maker. SlideModel.AI assist in generating your presentation. Starting from a prompt, our AI tool crafts content that aligns perfectly with your presentation's theme and objectives.

AI Presentation Maker for Real Professionals

Combine Generative AI with the knowledge of more than 50,000 templates. Prepare a presentation draft in less time. Review the final work and download AI slides for PowerPoint.

  • Enter a presentation topic.
    Simply type in your topic or idea, and let AI do the magic.

  • AI Suggests a Presentation Outline.
    Our AI tool recommends an outline for your presentation.

  • Generate the final presentation.
    Easily adjust the design and continue your work in PowerPoint.

Transform ideas into visual stories effortlessly

Combine Generative AI with the knowledge of more than 50,000 templates. Quickly modify layouts and text to suit your needs. 👍 Let AI inspire new ways to present your ideas.

AI Presentation Maker

Designed for serious presenters

Suitable for a variety of real-life presentation use cases.

Business Executives Marketing Specialists Consultants C-Level Entrepreneurs Startup Founders Project Managers IT & Technical Professionals HR Managers Educators & Teachers Academic Researchers Presentation Specialists Graphic Designers
AI Presentation Maker - PPT AI slide Example

Get the most out of AI presentations (without losing control)

Review & tune the presentation outline. Review & organize the presentation structure.

Example of AI-generated presentation with Artificial Intelligence and AI Presentation Maker by SlideModel
Example of AI-generated presentation with Artificial Intelligence and AI Presentation Maker by SlideModel

Wow your audience!

Make a presentation that engages your employees, clients, investors and stakeholders with AI slides. Persuade your boss to say "Yes!" by presenting awesome reports with stunning graphics.

Presenter with the audience using an AI-generated presentation


Explore how the AI Presentation Maker works.

Experience the ease of presentation creation with SlideModel's AI Presentation Maker. Seamlessly generate compelling content with AI and merge it effortlessly with SlideModel's diverse range of professional templates. Craft your perfect presentation in just a few steps with SlideModel's AI Presentation Maker.


Enter a presentation topic (the prompt!) & review the automatically-generated outline.


Select your preferred template and presentation styles.


Customize by tweaking and rewriting any content as needed.


Download your presentation for final touches in PowerPoint (for free!).


Our AI presentation maker leverages Gen-AI algorithms to generate the content of your presentation. Then, a final presentation is crafted by combining the AI-generated content with our pre-designed presentation templates and slides.
Yes, you can open the presentation in PowerPoint. Our AI presentation maker offers a unique feature in which you can review the presentation and download it in editable format to open it and edit in Microsoft PowerPoint.
Yes, you can use SlideModel.AI as a free AI presentation maker to streamline your presentation design process. Use our free AI presentation tool to generate the content for your presentation.
Yes, you can customize the presentation by adding your own images and content as well. While our AI presentation tool is still in beta, you can download the presentation as a .pptx file, and then replace the images. However, in future releases you'll be able to update the images on the fly, or use AI also to generate high-quality and relevant images that aligns better with the content.
Yes, once you finish reviewing the presentation, you can download it as a .pptx file (100% compatible with PowerPoint).
No, SlideModel.AI is an independent AI presentation maker totally different from what Microsoft Copilot offers.
In some way, yes, it is. In the background, we use ChatGPT to suggest the presentation outline and content, then we let the user combine this output with our proprietary presentation designs and we offer a way to export the final presentation as a PowerPoint file, so yes, at the end it works as a free AI PowerPoint Generator tool.
Our AI presentation maker is currently supporting PPT PowerPoint files as the output. However, our team is working to support other multiple formats in the future. If you want to prioritize any specific format (e.g. Google Slides, Canva or PDF), contact us.
Currently, the AI presentation maker only generates a presentation based on a topic or prompt. In the future, we plan to support uploading a report, text or document and generate the presentation based on the file submitted. If this is important to you, contact us.

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