Theory of Change PowerPoint Template

Impact Strategy PowerPoint Diagram Template
Presentation of Theory of Change in Nonprofits

The Theory of Change PowerPoint Template is a flowchart diagram design used as a guiding framework for impact strategy. Non-profits, social enterprises, accelerators, and impact funds can benefit from two project slides for the theory of change. Each project presents a process flow from funding to the impact of change in five phases. It template will help create a comparison and impact analysis in PowerPoint. In this way, users can display two strategies to achieve the same impact and support decision making. The theory of change is the most accepted framework to document impact measurement and management strategy. The theory of change is the foundation of any mission-driven initiative to solve the world’s social and environmental issues.

ToC or theory of change not only documents the steps involved in achieving impact. It also ensures that activities and resources align with the mission statement before starting the initiative. The ToC framework diagram enables professionals to develop an actionable impact strategy. All operational decisions about change and its effectiveness are made through impact strategy. Such as data collection, assessment, analysis, and further improvements that need to be made.

The PowerPoint templates of the theory of change provide a basic framework, addressing major components of strategic planning. This presentation template displays these components in five phases input, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact. The inputs refer to resources or investments needed to ensure the activities’ performance. In the Activity phase, the organization answers questions like what activities to perform for desired output. For example, in skill development social enterprise, high-quality training is an activity that produces skill output. The outputs are immediate results of activities that are necessary to achieve social impact outcomes. Whereas, outcomes refer to changes brought by the initiative i.e. increase job placements due to skill training. Finally, impact is the result of one or more outcomes that reflects on the nonprofit’s mission statement. Alternatively, the user can download other strategy PowerPoint templates.

The Theory of Change PowerPoint Template contains two slides for the framework with different color themes. An editable PowerPoint diagram for theory of change where presenter can easily customize text and colors as required. The theory of change template will help professionals to communicate impact measures or management strategies. Alternatively you can download other theory of change slide templates compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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