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The Strategic Planning Cone PowerPoint Template is a business planning and forecasting concept presentation. This is a PowerPoint diagram template tool for organizations to describe business strategic approach for desired outcomes. The strategic planning cone displays timeframes optimized for strategic foresight. In this way, the leadership of organization can plan over 10 years in future while taking all possible disruptions into consideration. These disruptions may involve future uncertainties like environmental factors, risks, opportunities, or growth. This diagram helps develop an effective business approach to work different projects and think beyond the spectrum of time. Therefore, the strategic planning cone helps professionals to think wisely about tactics, strategies, vision, and changes.

The Strategy Planning Cone PowerPoint Template contains a standard graph design of horizontal cone. This graph shows timeline on one side and level of certainty on other side of axes. Originally, the cone diagram contains three categories of evaluation. Such as tactics, strategy, and vision. But users can add more categories by inserting more cones. Because this PowerPoint diagram of strategic planning cone is a fully editable template. The users can also change colors and edit text placeholders to enter important keynotes about company’s information. Furthermore, the PowerPoint diagram of Strategic planning cone contains 4 slides to highlight each category separately. This slide design will enable audience to focus on one section of diagram at a time.

The strategic planning cone is an alternative of timeline and roadmaps for long-term futuristic company goals. This framework measures certainty over the period of time rather than tracking progress over a linear timeline. Hence the PowerPoint presentation of this strategic planning concept will demonstrate organizational flexibility towards future.

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