Stopwatch Shapes for PowerPoint

Create effective and colorful presentations with the Stopwatch Shapes for PowerPoint. The template contains creative stopwatch cliparts created in modern flat design, that can be used to decorate time management PowerPoint presentations.

Stopwatches are common symbols for measuring and limiting time. These are sometimes used in testing reaction and production times for factory machinery and production, albeit being a crude way of measurement compared to computer-generated results.

The concept, however, can still be utilized in the presentation, to signify time-bound projects. These can be used in company projects with deadlines, with different stopwatch graphics symbolizing different stages of completion. The presenter can show four stages of a continuous production process. Management may have set time schedules for each batch. At a specific time, these batches are at different points of progress. Some may have only been there for one month, or a certain percentage of the suggested period, while some may have already nearly reached maturity.

The presenter can also emphasize the prioritization of certain points during the implementation of the project. The stopwatches can symbolize various stages, with each one starting on specific points of time. A concrete example would be the construction of a house. The first part of the given time must be allotted to the laying of the foundation, then to the construction of the building framework itself. The finishing on the house and the interior design can then be done near the completion of construction. These steps can only be implemented at certain points of time. The interior design cannot be completed while the walls are still being built. The presenter can emphasize this during the presentation.

The Stopwatch Shapes for PowerPoint are ideal for job-based and time-based projects. This concept can be explained in the discussion of the slide designs. The different shapes and icons on the PowerPoint template are created as PowerPoint objects. This design allows the presenter to move and edit the content to his specifications.

Each of the PowerPoint shapes is created as PowerPoint objects, allowing the user to fully customize their appearance and adapt the look and feel to the theme of the presentation.

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