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Stakeholder Matrix PowerPoint Template

The Stakeholder Matrix PowerPoint Template provides different versions of stakeholder matrices to group them based on their interest and power. Stakeholders are the components or entities of a business that are critical to its existence. By grouping these stakeholders, an action plan can be devised to address their degrees of involvement in various business functions. This classification of potential stakeholders is known ad stakeholder mapping or stakeholder analysis. Usually, a stakeholder matrix is a 2×2 chart to display four categories of stakeholders based on two parameters, i.e., power and interest. In addition to this matrix diagram, our stakeholder mapping template also provides other distribution charters to enlist the characteristics of stakeholders individually.

Presenters can entirely edit each component of the Stakeholder Matrix PowerPoint Template slides to prepare their stakeholder matrix. The template comprises three slides:

  • 2×2 Matrix Diagram: This grid represents the two grouping factors of Influence or Power and Interest In Project across the Y and X-axis, respectively. The four cells of the matrix show the categories based on their influence and power analysis and mention the individual actions to take with them, i.e., keep satisfied, monitor, keep informed, engage and consult. These actions are based on the priority settled through the Power/interest grid.
  • 4×3 Analysis Charter: It is a table diagram with columns showing the factors like Contact person, Power, Interest, and Engagement Strategy for each stakeholder mentioned in the rows. This way, presenters can list the names of all stakeholders and mention their representative details.
  • 5×3 Assessment Matrix: Using this matrix diagram, presenters can indicate the roles of stakeholders, i.e., unaware, resistant, neutral, supportive, and leading. To systemically present this data, this matrix mentions the names of stakeholders in rows while showing the above-mentioned categories in columns. For further clarification, two alphabet symbols, C and D (initials of current and desired) are provided on the top of the charter. Presenters can copy these symbols to any required place.

This set of editable template slides is also provided in dark background. So, presenters can choose and customize any of them to present their stakeholder analysis. All components of these slides are entirely editable. Users can conveniently download this stakeholder mapping template and make any changes according to their theme.

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