Stages of Startup Funding Options PowerPoint Template

PPT Slide Design for Stages of Startup Funding
Editable Graphical Diagram Showing Stages of Startup Fundraising

Discuss the revenue variations during the fundraising rounds with other editable Stages of Startup Funding Options PowerPoint Template. Investors seed business startups to grow and generate profit. Fundraising is a sequential process that involves multiple groups and stages. The investment amount varies at each level due to the investors’ trust in the business idea. Over time, when the business grows, more people become interested in investing; thus, the revenue also increases. These phases are shown in this fundraising PowerPoint template using a line graph. Entrepreneurs and business professionals can use this slide design for training or meeting presentations

Our Stages of Startup Funding Options PowerPoint Template is a one-pager design provided in two background color variations. The slide shows a graph representing the revenue along the y-axis and the time along its x-axis. The slope line has multiple markings over its span, beginning from a point below the zero mark, indicating the death valley phase of fundraising. It is the time before a business idea gets enough funding to take an initial startup to start generating revenue. The second point of the slope is the break-even. It’s where the revenue generated by the business balances its costs. This point of revenue generation lies within the seed capital stage of funding that is either supported by the entrepreneur or an angel investor. 

The three further stages of this sequence involve venture capital or other series A fundraising rounds. For instance, the early stage is divided into two segments, A and B, indicating the growth initiation and meeting customer demands to some extent. Similarly, the later stage also shows the two sections, i.e., A and Mezzanine (where investors get more than committed return rates on investments). This slope further rises in the IPO and public market segments representing the selling of corporate shares to earn more funds for the business. So, with this visual representation, presenters can discuss the fundraising sequences and communicate related points in training sessions and business meetings. Also, this PowerPoint design can be used for educational purposes and fundraising campaigns.

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