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SMAC Circular Diagram for PowerPoint

SMAC Circular Diagram for PowerPoint– SMAC is a concept that stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies. It characterizes the period of fifth wave Information Technology architecture. It is best described as the promise of a continuous digital development. Designed with creative circular figures, this PowerPoint template can create presentations that are easy to grasp.

SMAC is the new trend that is driving business innovation, and the world in that matter. The term Social refers to the connectivity of people. In business, it can symbolize public relations. Mobile represents access of technology anywhere, anytime. An e-commerce site for example features direct sharing links for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Analytics mean wise programming. Cloud is the data storage option of Microsoft and other relative applications. This gives the user an online data storage which does not eat up space from a hard drive.

This Office template is ideal for business and marketing presentations. A new and friendlier design always attracts more customers. Science and technology is another perfect subject for these slide designs. The user can create a descriptive report about the literal concept using the template.

The first slide design is a colorful 5-piece set of circle PowerPoint shapes. The circle in the middle display the keynote title SMAC. The surrounding circles are colored orange, green, blue and yellow. In the consecutive slide, the user can further elaborate on each aspect of SMAC. The orange circle with a network icon can be found in the second slide. The third slide illustrates a green circle with mobile icons. The presenter can explain on the Cloud field of SMAC using the 4th slide. The 5th slide with a magnifying glass icon can talk about Analysis.

Make way for functional and smart presentations with SMAC Circular Diagram for PowerPoint. Social Mobile Analytics Cloud PowerPoint Template  is downloadable at the SlideModel gallery.

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