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Service Blueprint PowerPoint Template

The Service Blueprint PowerPoint Template is an editable schematic diagram to prepare a service map. Service design or service blueprinting is a technique to sketch a visual map representing the relationship between different components involved in the provision of service, e.g., various departments of a service provider organization. Professionals can prepare this service blueprint after analyzing multiple parameters of the customer journey like customer actions, emotions, touch-points, etc.

The service blueprint diagram is a tabulated flow diagram consisting of six stages (rows) separated using the segregating lines, namely 1-Line of interaction 2-Line of visibility 3- Line of internal interaction. These lines represent different areas of the organization based on their direct interaction and visibility for the customers. The first three levels are associated with customer activities, emotions, and touch-points (the means of interaction, e.g., website, call-up, or human-human interaction). These three levels are separated from the Frontstage using the line of interaction. Afterward, the line of visibility shows a junction between the frontstage and Backstage division of the organization. Although the backstage section is not directly in contact with the customers, it plays the most significant role in service provision. Finally, the internal interaction line represents the working departments’ operational networking.

The blocks in these rows represent different working bodies, and the editable lines in between show the relationships and dependencies. For instance, the single arrowhead shows the direct relation while a double arrowhead represents a co-dependence. This is how the service structure can be constructed and defined clearly. Users can edit each component and add the relevant titles. Alternatively, you can download other service map templates and presentation designs for elaborating a service blueprint plan for your business.

Organizations can use the Service Blueprint PowerPoint Template to check a smooth flow of activities to ensure a better customer experience. Moreover, the service map helps organizations rule out systemic shortcomings and enhance the overall output. Based on their requirements, presenters can choose from the three available background color variations of this one-pager template design. This template can be edited using PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

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