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Product Focus Funnel Template for PowerPoint

The Product Focus Funnel Template for PowerPoint provides an editable focus funnel diagram created using PowerPoint objects. A product focus funnel aims to know more about the users or customers. Thus it includes a series of related steps that gradually strengthen the strategy and enhance the value for users. Project managers and product teams develop insight into the user experience by following the stages of this guiding framework and keeping their strategy up-to-date according to market requirements.

Our product focus funnel PowerPoint template is a one-pager layout provided in two background color variations. The diagram comprises a funnel shape with a central downward arrow representing the direction of the steps. The left side of the arrow indicates the first part of the product focus funnel, i.e., the strategic stream that comprises three parts: 1- strategic overview, 2- roadmap, and 3- aligned goals. This strategic stream indicates the development of a clear strategy and a roadmap that outlines the users’ major issues and pain points. It also includes the alignment stage, which brings all the contributing teams to a single focal point.

The right side of the arrow represents the tactical stream, including the stages of practical implementation of the strategic plan: 1- Jobs to be done and mind mapping, 2- user story mapping, and 3- backlog. This tactical stream directs to develop a deeper insight into how users go through various events and what they feel. Creating a backlog helps professionals note technical tasks and user stories. The two parts of the funnel diagram are connected through a curved arrow between the adjacent steps, representing the execution flow. Our Product Focus Funnel Template for PowerPoint can help professionals to discuss the functioning or benefits of this focus funnel and to train the employees in this concern. It can also be used to prepare a plan with team members. So, download this 100% editable funnel diagram for PowerPoint and Google Slides and formulate a practical plan before a product launch!

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