Domestic Pets PowerPoint Shapes

Dog Breed Brown German Shepard
House Friendly Domestic Animal
Tiny Pet Animal for Children
Hopping Bunny Fluffy Pet
PPT of Birds Common in Homes
Domestic Farm Animals Benefits
Goldfish in a Fish Tank
Alligator and Dragon Stay in Tank
Farm Animal Horse Back Riding
Injection Medicine use by Vet
Dog Puppy Health Recovery
Dog House and Play Area
Comb Hair Dryer Scissors Styling
Food Bowl Belt Dog Leash
Easy E-commerce Website to Buy Pet
Shop for Buying Animals
Clinical Staff for Animal Health
PPT of To-Do List Checks
Cat Dog Fish Bird Clipart
Pet Living Places Icon Template

The Pets PowerPoint Shapes is a template design for pet lovers. This presentation is a treat for those who either own a farmhouse or a shelter and want to promote their animal facility. This PowerPoint template is also suitable for presenting slideshow to the school children. This is suitable for general knowledge presentation on zoology and domestic farming animals.

This template covers number of possibilities for the design and content. The animal health activist, teachers, vet of people associated with the farming business can use it for several subject matters. Besides, the shelters are getting over populated by lost or unwanted pets all over the world. The animal health and welfare organization are actively promoting the idea of adopting them as an act of kindness.  According to stats, only 10-20% of shelter animals get a chance to find a new home.

The Pets PowerPoint Shapes is an eye-catching presentation with 21 fascinating slides with animal, accessories, health and living related images. The first 9 contain PowerPoint shapes of most common companions such as dogs, cats, hamster, parrots and fish. There are also few farming animal shapes including chicken, duck, rabbit, horse and two images of exotic reptile dragons. Next PPT holds the flat design images of medical necessities for health care. There are two slides which show animal hospital medical staff a vet taking care of a dog. There are few which present the activities of pets such as dog training area, dogs and cats grooming kit, walking leash and their toys.

Another shows online store and one with constructed shop. There are two slides with pets relevant 21 infographic icons in each. First 21 icons contain images of farm and domestic beings, and the next 21 have illustrate activities related to their daily life. With this editable Pets PowerPoint Shapes template, users can enter text placeholders anywhere in the slides. This slideshow is useable for educational, training and animal welfare presentations. The amazing illustration of farm and domestic can be presented in farming school lesson or for toddlers to identify animal names.

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