Perspective Diagram PowerPoint Teamplate

Perspective Diagram PowerPoint Template is a presentation containing a perspective diagram with four evaluation sides of a central idea or topic. This simple diagram is extensively used for Brainstorming specific product features or analyzing specific ideas from a Mind Map.

The perspective diagram is structured as a rectangle, with a central topic (in the middle of the shape) which represents the topic that will be analyzed through the following perspectives

  • Open Questions (pictured with a question mark). Documents the questions over the topic.
  • Positive Experience (pictured with a plus sign). Documents positive features or experiences over the topic.
  • Prior Knowledge (pictured with an exclamation mark). Documents already know facts, experiences or general knowledge of the analyzed topic.
  • Negative Experience (pictured with a minus sign).Documents negative features or experiences over the topic. Can be negative data that contrasts over the positive idea.

The layout and theme are completely editable. Each piece of the diagram is created as independent PowerPoint objects. The user can manipulate each property and customize the diagram according its needs.

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