Pentagonal SWOT Analysis Diagram for PowerPoint

Pentagonal SWOT Analysis Diagram for PowerPoint – Create Professional and Modern SWOT Analysis presentations with this alternative design. The concept is built upon the idea of changing the traditional SWOT Quadrants for pentagonal shapes. The matrix is delimited with a thin design outline. Each Pentagon contains one of the SWOT Analysis concepts, and provides text placeholders to elaborate them.  Each concept is mapped to a modern business PowerPoint Icon, in order to visually describe it, without the need to repeat the word on each slide.

SWOT Analysis is a popular business tool, designed to analyze the internal and external environment of an organization. Recognizing and taking account of an Organization’s Strengths and Weaknesses, the tool provides the internal environment view, while analyzing Opportunities and Threats it shows the external environment view. The tool is a structured framework to look at both the internal organization culture and its external business environment.

Presenting TOWS Analysis results tends to be a complex process. The Analysis itself can be lengthy, but conclusions to be taken into account in the Strategic analysis needs to be concise and actionable. Presenters need to summarize fact on each concept; for this purpose the Pentagonal SWOT Analysis Diagram for PowerPoint provides suitable text placeholders, showing an ideal layout and display of text. In order to increase retention, SlideModel suggest to be scarce in the level of text applied; it is preferable to use PowerPoint Icons or Clipart that represent the Analysis concepts, rather than applying a list within the diagram.

The user can take a step further in their SWOT Analysis and apply the SOAR Analysis Template. The SOAR Analysis is an analysis framework that identifies Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results, with the implementation of positive thinking. Ideal for creative problem solving, it is based on the five “I” actions (initiate, inquire,imagine,innovate, implement). Application of SOAR helps strategists include key factors of motivation and engagement into the planning process.

Each of the shapes and text placeholders are 100% editable. The user can decorate the diagram with their findings, with icons, or even with Sticky notes, in order to give the idea of iterative findings.

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