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Minimalist SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint is a professional deck created for presenting SWOT Analysis results in a minimalistic fashion. The Template design is simple to focus on the information; composed by a dark background with a flat hexagonal shapes and professional PowerPoint Icons to represent each area of the Analysis (Strengths,Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

SWOT Analysis (a.k.a. TOWS) is a simple but powerful management tool used in different business processes. It is a key analysis practice emplyed in business strategy development, decision analysis and risk management. The process consists of two main stages:

  1. Internal Factors.
    • Strengths and Weaknesses are internal factors to the business, organization or situation. The analysis first stage consists of defining the existing strengths (they should be strengths that actually provide an advantage) and the existing weaknesses (they should be weaknesses that are actually affecting the ability to provide a better or increased outcome). These internal factors can change through time and require no more than internal actions to be corrected.
  2. External Factors
    • Opportunities and Threats are external factors to the business, organization or situation. The second stage of the SWOT analysis consists of the identification of external factors that exist in the market (or ecosystem) and that can not be changed. The executives will target actions to mitigate this factors or to adapt to their occurrence in benefit of the business/organization.

This presentation is 100% editable allowing the user to fully customize its appearance. The Minimalistic approach provides three impactful benefits for presenters:

  1. Get the Attention: Minimalism catches the audience attention eliminating the amount of text and using high quality clipart graphics and PowerPoint Icons.
  2. Quick visual understanding before speech: When a slide is displayed, the audience has only some seconds to understand visually before start to listening. Minimalism provides a full idea in a grasp.
  3. Keep the Focus: Minimalism focuses on simple and clear messages. Avoid writing more than one idea per slide (or unrelated topics). The audience immediately loses attention with mixed messages.

Impress your audience with this modern Minimalist SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint and create presentations that appeal to executives.

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