Mike Carrying the World Cartoon Illustration for PowerPoint

Impress corporate audiences with the Mike Carrying the World Cartoon Illustration for PowerPoint. Produce a creatively simple presentation using the colourful vector diagram illustrations found on the PowerPoint slides. The template design can be used for all types of business presentations and marketing reports. The presenter can also reuse the template for other kinds of publishing collateral.

The principal feature of the PowerPoint template is a coloured vector drawing of an office worker carrying the world. It is shown in all of the slide designs, and can be used as a representation of a corporate metaphor, such as in business plans and marketing strategies.

The vector drawing alludes to popular Greek mythology, referring to the story of Atlas. He was a Titan, one of the first beings in the world, who was condemned to hold up the Heavens on his shoulders, to prevent the Earth and the Sky to meet again. He was also known for tricking demigods and gods themselves to carry his burden for him, which would have immediately resulted in death had they not had immortal blood.

This same story, however, could be used in the PowerPoint presentation in another way. Using the illustration, the presenter can show how prominent members of the company, such as the top executives and the high-level managers, are tasked with being responsible for the company and its sustainable future. The presenter can also use the PowerPoint slide to show the different responsibilities tasked to every member of the business organization.

The Mike Carrying the World Cartoon Illustration for PowerPoint is most ideal for presentations of different member responsibilities in the company. This can be used in employee orientations to show different role perceptions and role expectations. The presenter can also edit the presentation to suit his particular needs and to tailor it to his specifications. This is easy to do since the slide designs and the PowerPoint objects are 100% customizable. The presenter can also opt to download other PowerPoint templates from the Gallery, such as the Mike Male Astronaut Cartoon in Space for PowerPoint.

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