Light Business Idea Process Slides for PowerPoint

PowerPoint Design Hand Drawn Business Idea

Light Business Idea Process Slides for PowerPoint – Creative concept design ideal for business presentations in PowerPoint. Take advantage of the lighthearted graphics to engage the audience with the topic of the presentation. The template provides a formal layout with a casual design applicable brainstorming sessions.

The template bases its metaphor in the use of a gears diagram to conceptualize the ideation process. The gears represent the collaboration of different ideas and resources in order to realize the intended objective. This is hinted in the title slide. The use of a collection of gears and icons with text placeholders allows the user to adapt the template to different messages. All of these PowerPoint objects are 100% customizable through PowerPoint Themes.

Included in the template is a slide showing the handwritten words “Creative Business Idea”. The slide may serve as an opportunity for the presenter to discuss this definition.

The template provides a set of gears designed with hand written technique vectors. Specific parts marked out as a word in the term. It can be used to illustrate how these three concepts work together as individual parts. Another slide contains a single gear. Particular teeth in the gear are marked out as “creative,” “business,” and “idea.” It can show the concept as a whole, with the three terms working together to make the creative business idea a reality.

Ideal for showcasing the components of a brainstorming process to management, the Light Business Idea Process Slides for PowerPoint is easy to understand and to relate to. It lets the presenter engage the audience better through lighthearted PowerPoint graphics.

The user can navigate throughout PowerPoint Shapes gallery and decorate this presentation with additional clipart and shapes.

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