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The Lifecycle Metamorphosis Diagram for PowerPoint uses a professionally designed presentation template offering an innovative method with which to explore business lifecycles. In this slide show template, the four integral stages of a business lifecycle or marketing procedure have been mapped by using the metaphor of a butterfly’s lifecycle in the hope of assisting you to create an instantly understandable and enjoyable presentation.

As advanced insects, butterflies and moths have – like business and marketing proposals – a ‘complete’ life cycle. In plain terms, this means that the butterfly passes through four separate stages which are distinct from one and other. In each of these stages the butterfly enters a completely different state of being and fulfils a different purpose in the life of the insect. In this manner, businesses and marketing strategies are very similar to butterflies as at each stage they require a different form of care. For example:

  • A butterfly starts life as a very small egg, its shape varies depending on the species which laid it – this could be construed as being similar to the initial idea stage of your business
  • The caterpillar (or larva) stage in which the butterfly is yet to realize its true potential and eats voraciously – you might call this the research stage of your targeted marketing approach
  • The chrysalis (or pupa) stage is the transformation stage within which the caterpillar tissues are broken down and the adult insect’s structures are formed – you could see this as the preparation stage of your business, just before you’re ready to release a hot new product on to the high street
  • The adult (imago) which is the colorful butterfly or moth you’ll have seen – this one is obvious, it’s the stage at which you realize your success

This template has been created with fully editable high quality clip art icons which means that you can adjust this presentation template for any eventuality or situation and even personalize it with your business’ own color scheme.

All the elements of the Lifecycle Metamorphosis Diagram for PowerPoint are 100% editable, allowing the user to fully customize their appearance and reuse the components to decorate existing presentations.

Impress your audience with this professional template that appeals to global audiences.

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