Lewin’s Change Model PowerPoint Template

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The Lewin’s Change Model PowerPoint Template is a significant business management tool presentation. This methodology describes basic three stages – unfreeze, change and refreeze. This concept of change management is drive from changing liquid states. Therefore, the Lewin’s change model PowerPoint has the graphic visualization of ice cubes to depict all three stages. The circular icons with the melting cube represent unfreezing stage. Whereas, splash of water illustrates change itself. And, full cube means refreezing. The change affects every business differently regardless of the size, industry or its culture. The Lewin’s change management model however is an easy to understand framework. The underlaying concept is if there is a cube of ice but goal is to make a different shape with ice. Therefore, the solution is to first unfreeze and then refreeze in new shape. Similar strategy presents Lewin’s change management model. Below is the description of its stages:

1. Unfreeze: The first step of accepting that change is necessary. Therefore, breakdown the current organization structure and start from core to build a new structure. This enables organizations to reevaluate the processes.
2. Change: The phase of resolving the issue identify by unfreeze stage. This involves the transition from previous methods to new environment.
3. Refreeze: This is the part where organization ensures the successful implementation of change.

The incredible presentation of Lewin’s Change Model PowerPoint Template consists of 5 useful slides of the methodology. The blue and white color theme template has the overview of change model with two assorting backgrounds. Additionally, there are three individual slides of each stage with placeholders to insert import key elements. The editable template of Lewin’s change model helps presenters to modify the colors, size and other aspects of PowerPoint. Also, enables users to reuse the slides and the PowerPoint elements in other presentations.

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