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Flat Shapes for Lever and Fulcrum
Class 1 Concept Lever and Fulcrum
Fulcrum Effort Load Shapes PPT
Concept of Force in Lever and Fulcrum
Lever and Fulcrum Money Concepts
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Presentation of 3 Classes Lever and Fulcrum

The Lever & Fulcrum PowerPoint Template presents levels of relation between effort and resistance concepts. The lever is a support provided to push, pull, or lift objects from one place to another. The force applied to lever is called effort. While the support placed to pivot objects is called fulcrum. Further, moving fulcrum, applying more effort, or making lever longer can bring a mechanical advantage. The diagram presents three classes of depending on this effort, fulcrum, and weight. This template of lever and fulcrum provides multiple slide illustrations to describe possible uses of a simple machine.

  • First-class Lever: The fulcrum is between efforts and resistance. The simplest example is seesaw or a pair of scissors. The fulcrum here is in the middle with effort and load on opposite sides.
  • Second-class Lever: The weight is placed between effort on one side and fulcrum on the other. Such as nutcracker and wheelbarrows.
  • Third-class Lever: The effort here is between fulcrum and load. This type of lever has less mechanical advantage due to an increase in distance between fulcrum and weight.

The Lever & Fulcrum PowerPoint template contains 4 slides with editable shapes to present three classes. The template also contains three slides of appealing clipart illustrations to describe mechanical advantage. Such as load vs. a man depicting small force to move large resistance. Similarly, the slide of a woman balancing several levers or coin weights could describe financial management concepts.

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