Jobs to be Done Canvas PowerPoint Template

PPT Slide Template for Jobs to be Done Canvas
Canvas Slide for Jobs to be Done Framework
Slide Template for Jobs to be Done Canvas

Our Jobs to be Done Canvas PowerPoint Template is a customizable JTBD framework slide for marketing, strategy, and product teams. Jobs to be done canvas is designed to discover the possible jobs a customer will do in making a purchase. This information about the needs and pain points of the consumers is necessary when launching an update or change for an existing service or product. Product teams also prepare this canvas when designing a go-to-market strategy. This framework has two major parts: 1- the jobs to be done by the customers from the start point to the final purchase, and 2- the classification of desired outcomes. 

Keeping the information from the Jobs to be Done canvas in mind, teams can be aligned to improve the lacking segments. This canvas is prepared in several ways, i.e., by interviewing the consumers or gathering data about market trends. Our Jobs to be Done Canvas PowerPoint Template provide three design variant slides for adding the relevant information in each segment. The last slide is a jobs-to-be-done canvas example slide with a description of the segment titles. The canvas is a multi-segment slide with the upper part showing eight consumption jobs to explain how the customers will define, locate, prepare, confirm, execute, modify, monitor, modify and conclude during the job. Another significant segment of the slide shows a diamond diagram representing desired outcomes. The corners of the diamond indicate the four possibilities that are:

  • Observed (satisfied and not important)
  • Irrelevant (not satisfied but not important)
  • Table Stakes (important and satisfied)
  • Underserved (important and not satisfied)

By adding the data to each segment, professionals can prepare a thorough report highlighting the customers’ pain points and monitor how the possible outcomes are fairly or unfairly managed. Some other segments are also provided to mention related jobs or emotional jobs by the consumers. Business professionals can download this PPT template and use it for preparing the meeting presentation. Users can choose between the three slides and edit them using PowerPoint or Google Slides.

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