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Insurance PowerPoint Template

Generate a creative presentation using the Insurance PowerPoint Template. Create a presentation that relates visually with the audience, calling the importance of insurance to attention. The user can make use of the colorful and engaging clipart to showcase the information to the audience. The various graphics serve as visual cues for both the presenter and the audience. The flat design and vector graphics make it easier to remember the information, as they are connected to familiar objects.

This presentation template discusses six types of insurance through different scenes. Namely, these are insurances for health, money, home, vehicle, travel, and family. These are the most common offerings in insurance companies. The first type of insurance, health, is the most costly. This involves medical emergencies, which may range from broken bones to communicable diseases. This type of insurance is usually required to be offered by employers. In most cases, the law requires that the employee and the employer shoulder the payment for insurance in an equitable distribution.

The second type is money, which can refer to the insurance given by banks in cases of bankruptcy. This specific insurance assures the client that the money that had been put aside can be recovered, albeit in a limited fashion, and protects assets. This involves a great deal of risk analysis in order to mitigate risk and secure finances. House insurance, on the other hand, covers the protection of household items and the property itself, in case of fires and natural disasters. The insurance can help as tax-deductible expenses. Vehicular insurance is usually counted on when there is an accident concerning a car or another vehicle. The insurance can be used to pay for damages and corresponding repairs. Travel insurance applies to different modes of transportation, to ensure a safe journey. Lastly, family insurance can refer to money given to direct relatives and dependents, specifically, children, in the event of death.

Suitable for introducing different types of insurance to a prospective client, the Insurance PowerPoint Template is 100% editable. The presenter can create relatable and informative slides which expressly fit the audience. The presenter has the option to download Flat Business Metaphor Graphics for PowerPoint, for additional Flat shapes.

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