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Infographic Tags Shapes for PowerPoint

Infographic Tags Shapes for PowerPoint – Consistently making a unique and impressive presentation using the Infographic Tags Shapes for PowerPoint will surely make you a headline in your organization.  This PowerPoint template has the best features to help you create amazing presentations every single time. The template is reusable and completely editable. All shapes in it are PowerPoint objects that are 100% customizable while maintaining its quality.

What is infographic? Infographics is a presentation or a form of literature that expresses an idea or process using a mix of images and words. It’s a combination of pictures, illustrations and associated texts. However, putting pictures and illustrations together doesn’t automatically make it an infographic. The images used in it have to interact with each other and correspond to the attached statements. The simplest infographic I could remember is the Water Cycle, found usually in third grade science books.  As you could imagine, infographics are profusely available in children’s school books. Its purpose is to help children understand and remember processes. Evidently, infograhics is quite an effective way in sharing complicated ideas for both children and adults.

Infographics can condense a few pages of explanations and narration in one poster.  True enough, a picture paints a thousand words. The combination of pictures and words associated together stimulates the mind and makes it easier to understand.  Infographics are also more appealing to anyone. If one is required to understand and remember the Product Life Cycle and given the choice between text literature and infographics, I bet 90% or more will choose infographics.

How did infographis started. As far as available resources, this type of presentation started as early as 1626. It showed up in the book called “Rosa Ursina Sive Sol” written by Christoph Scheiner.  It was also seen in the1790 book entitled “The Commercial and Political Atlas” by William Playfair. There were other pieces of literature that followed suit and it continuous to be seen more and more today.

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