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PPT How Now Wow Matrix Slide Template
How Now Wow Presentation Matrix Chart
PowerPoint Matrix Chart - How Now Wow

The How Now Wow Matrix Template for PowerPoint features a catchy design for presenting the how now wow brainstorming matrix. Usually, in brainstorming sessions, it is difficult to segregate the popping ideas into distinct classes, i.e., whether they are easy to achieve, harder, or moderate. The how now wow matrices classify these ideas on the scale of innovation (originality) and ease of implementation (feasibility). Organizing these thoughts in a matrix chart makes it easier to know what idea should focus on more. Professionals from every field recognize this method and use it in planning and strategy creation. This How Now Wow Matrix PowerPoint template is prepared to showcase the brainstorming results in a matrix chart. Users can edit this matrix template for their meetings and webinars to edit it in live sessions. 

Our How Now Wow Matrix Template for PowerPoint comprises three slides with slight variations in design elements. On the first slide, the graphical axis lines indicate the two parameters: originality on the x-axis and feasibility on the y-axis. Between the axis lines, the four matrix quadrants represent the now (less innovative and simplest to achieve), wow (exceptionally innovative and easier to implement), and how (innovative but hard to attain) ideas.   Creative sticky notes illustration is used in these segments with placeholder text to add descriptions and relevant ideas. The following slides have simple text boxes for this purpose. 

The second slide of this How Now Wow template for PowerPoint shows additional notes on both axis to clarify the concept. Professionals can choose among the slides to use in their presentations. They can add or remove the sticky notes and change font styles accordingly. All slides are 100% editable and can be customized with PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote. So, grab this How Now Wow PPT template and customize it today!

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