Hoshin Kanri Catch-ball PowerPoint Template

Editable Diagram for Two-Way Communication In Hoshin Kanri Catch-ball
PowerPoint Template Slide for Hoshin Kanri Catch-ball Process
Hoshin Kanri Catch-ball Process Presentation Template

Represent your corporate planning strategy using our Hoshin Kanri Catch-ball PowerPoint Template. The template shows multiple aspects of the Hoshin Kanri strategic process. Presenters can use these slides to discuss the corporate strategy with executives and propose high-level catch-ball processes to be implemented in the organization. Users can customize these slides and incorporate them into other business presentations according to the requirements. The graphics of this PPT template are equally functional with Google Slides and Keynote.

Hoshin Kanri Catch-ball is a business process that ensures open feedback loops to align each organization component with the company goals. Applying this principle leads to accomplishing targets when they reach the level of practical implementation passing through the management tiers. This catch-ball process also involves two-way communication between the segregated company levels, enabling effective KPI management. The first slide visually represents this communication loop using two infographic arrows. The diagram shows a ladder arrangement of 5 text boxes, each representing a breakdown level of the business objectives, e.g., group goals, department objectives, and frontline objectives. Two anti-parallel curved arrows are arranged on either side, indicating two-way communication and negotiation.

The following slide of the Hoshin Kanri Catch-ball PowerPoint Template shows a simplified version of the Hoshin Kanri catch-ball. It represents the four tiers of the company and the flow of information (goals and objectives) between them. This ladder arrangement of objectives and measures begins with the vision, helps the organization’s strategic planning, and briefs the distribution trend. A detailed diagram is created on the next slide using PowerPoint shapes that elaborate on the previous one. It introduces the summary of the Hoshin Kanri phases by mentioning the major components of its matrices. For instance, the diagram of each level carries four square shape components representing objectives, initiatives/actions, how much, and impact. A curved arrowhead indicates the catch ball process throughout this hierarchy.

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