Group Decision Making Techniques Template for PowerPoint

Download the Group Decision Making Techniques Template for PowerPoint and use this creative circular diagram for professional and training presentations. Group decision-making is an impactful methodology that ensures equal contribution of the members and easy implementation of the decision afterward. In large organizations, group decision-making is crucial, where prominent members of different departments sit together to discuss the cause and make big decisions. To carry out this process smoothly, certain decision-making techniques are employed, such as:

  • Hartnett’s CODM Model: This is a seven-staged decision-making process in which the decision is made on consensus. 
  • Stepladder Technique: people of varying experience levels express their opinions which are considered for making the final decision
  • Bain’s RAPID Framework: RAPID (Recommendations, Agreement, Permission, Input, and Decision) is a technique to get their decision out of a sequential process quickly.
  • Brainstorming: It involves gathering multiple opinions from the group, classified and shortlisted, to conclude.
  • Charette Procedure: This technique is used for architecture and design decision-making. 
  • Nominal Group Technique: In this technique, a problem is solved through initial brainstorming, then all members discuss their ideas in a round-robin session. 
  • Delphi Method: The Delphi method is used where the chances of biases may exist, i.e., in this method group of individuals anonymously give their opinions which are collected together, and again the group is asked for opinions based on the previous summary. This process is repeated till the decision is made.

This Group Decision Making Techniques Template for PowerPoint is an editable decision-making diagram showing a cyclic arrangement of the techniques. The diagram is created using editable PowerPoint shapes. It displays seven slightly curved arrowheads arranged in a heptagon format. Each arrow represents a decision-making technique. The core element of the diagram shows sequential numbering, and the central part carries infographic icons. The names of the techniques are mentioned using label lines and editable text boxes. Professionals can discuss the methods and plan their decision-making sessions. This diagram slide can also be used for training and educational purposes. So, choose the slide with dark or light background color options. Download and edit it now!

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