Genealogy Fan Chart 5 Generations

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  • Slide of 5 Legev Genealogy PowerPoint

The Genealogy Fan Chart 5 Generations is a semi-circle PowerPoint template presenting four main processes. Each process contains 5 levels hierarchical structure in fan chart layers. The template offers two slides of genealogy fan char to display 5 generations. But users can add or remove levels according to family history presentation. The genealogy is Greek term to trace bloodline, lineages, or history of generation. It is basically a record of family ancestry back five to 10 generations. And this PowerPoint template displays a creative format instead or traditional tree diagram. Similarly, organization charts are another commonly used genealogy lineage format. The PowerPoint offers quick SmartArt hierarchy design. But single slide of 5 generation genealogy presents a comprise view as hand-fan.

The Genealogy Fan Chart 5 Generations include color representation for four segments of fan chart. The users can change these colors from shape fill and outline. It further includes start shapes to mark important individuals in history of family. A semi-circle fan chart features half concentric circles dividing each segment into two and so on. Simply add genealogy fan chart in presentation of historical records to complement genetic analysis and demonstrate kinship.

The PowerPoint template of Genealogy fan chart assists in visualizing family history. Therefore, it is an ideal PowerPoint to discuss biography and ancestry of famous people from past.

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