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5 Steps Graph PowerPoint Freytag Pyramid
3 Columns Freytag Pyramid PPT Template

The stories in novels or films follow a certain dramatic structure that keeps the story interesting throughout. Beginners who write a book or script first need to understand elements for composing a dramatic structure. These are background, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. The Freytag pyramid is a framework that helps understand the basic dramatic structure in two parts i.e. play and counterplay. The climax of story lies between these two halves of story.

The Freytag’s Pyramid PowerPoint Template presents two curved graphs to visualize dramatic elements. The rise and fall of curve display rising and falling actions. The peak of curve represents the climax of story. The PowerPoint graph template contains clipart icons for five elements of Freytag’s pyramid. For exposition, the icon of home to explain, “where it all started”. The arrow icons show the uprise and downfall of action in story. The star of story is its climax, represented by a 5-point star shape. The symbol of resizing object is used for a resolution that helps conclude all four elements at the end of story.

3 columns diagram in Freytag’s Pyramid PowerPoint Template divides elements into beginning, middle, and end. It is a 6 steps graph for the dramatic structure of storytelling. This template includes an additional element of conflict before rising action.

The PowerPoint template of Freytag’s pyramid is useful for educational and training purposes. You can use this graph to outline a concept of an idea, story, or film. The teachers use Freytag PowerPoint graph for literature courses and help students learn the basic idea. This presentation template further assists the audience to understand the entire concept by dividing its elements into three, five, or six parts.

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