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Flat Numbered Vertical Banner Template for PowerPoint – Perk up your audience’s interest with this simple and professional PowerPoint template design. This template is great for human resources related presentations. The design is similar to the time card pockets used in punch clocks. Most companies still see the value and reliability of this device and still use it as their means of calculating payroll. This familiar illustration is perfect for conducting presentations regarding work hours, overtime, method for computing salary, employee performance and more.  The template is also reminiscent to scorecards. Each numbered card can represent different levels of employee performance. And then, the text below can be used as a space for enumerating the guidelines for each level.

The workforce is one of the most frequent types of audience for a business presentation. They are generally defined as a group of professionals employed in a business organization. The term usually refers to individuals in a company’s production or service line. This part of the company usually has the highest number of people employed compared to other departments. Several industries employ workforce management as the unit that identifies the right person for the company’s human resource needs. It’s the same department that assigns employees to other applicable positions throughout the employee’s development in the organization. This conventional approach continues to evolve into more comprehensive and integrated approach.

The development and innovations in workforce management give rise to the need for more business presentations. It’s the most effective way of large scale dissemination of important changes in the department. Workforce management ideally supplies a set of performance guidelines to support all levels of management and non-management departments in the company. This expectation necessitates the unit to regularly conduct seminars and training across the board. It is also responsible for keeping the required skills of each employee updated. In addition, they monitor the performance of the employees and make sure that everyone is at least meeting company expectations.

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