Editable Flat Jigsaw Pieces PowerPoint Template

Two line of interlocking jigsaw pieces created as PowerPoint Shapes.
A Square created with 4 jigsaw pieces PowerPoint Shapes.
Inclined Square created with Four PowerPoint Jigsaw Pieces in four colors.
Linear 4 Steps Diagram created with PowerPoint Jigsaw Shapes
Vertical 2 steps PowerPoint diagram created with colorful jigsaw pieces and textboxes.
Three Steps Vertical diagram using jigsaw pieces

Editable Flat Jigsaw Pieces PowerPoint Template is a professional presentation with different shapes of jigsaw pieces. Connected in different ways, the puzzle pieces theme the presentation. The user can use jigsaw pieces as topics, or relevant markers. Also, creative designs of one, two, three and four steps diagrams are provided, to cover each jigsaw pieces topic.

Each puzzle piece is created as a PowerPoint shape. The user can change, color, size, aspect ratio, 3D effects, shadows and glow. The interlocking editable flat jigsaw pieces PowerPoint Template is ideal for combining with different presentations. The quality of the shapes and the generic theme are usually flexible to complement existing presentations. Play with your imagination, use this joigsaw pieces in your presentation and impress tour audience.

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