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The Economic System PowerPoint Template features a circular diagram showing the four pillars of the economic system. An economic system is the production and distribution of resources within a geographical area. This economic system is based on four pillars: ideology, integration, institutions, and industrialization. The economic stability of any country or state is affected by its ideology, integration of the community & systems, development of institutions, and industrialization. Along with these core elements, political coherence (policies), cultural impact, historical background, and technology also impacts the economic situation. The country’s economic system is one of the crucial considerations for a business. Thus, project managers, startup entrepreneurs, and economists can use this economic system diagram template for their professional presentations. 

The first slide of this Economic System PowerPoint Template shows a four-segment circular diagram. Each of the four sections shows the pillars of the economic system. Four double-headed arrows are drawn outside this circumference. These arrows help mention the factors affecting the economic system, i.e., politics, culture, technology, and history. Presenters can add relevant presentation points using the text boxes on the slide. The following slide represents the three types of the economic system: 

  • Market economy: an economic system owned mainly by private bodies
  • Mixed economy: the system which is the mix of market and command type economy
  • Command economy: the economy where government bodies own the systems

A double-head horizontal arrow diagram shows these three types. The two extremes represent the market and command types, where the center indicates a mixed economy. Below the diagram, the key features of these economic systems are mentioned. Users can edit the text and add descriptions accordingly. So, this economic system PowerPoint template can be used to discuss various economic systems and their impact on the business. Presenters can devise their use cases for this PPT template. The color scheme and font styles can be adjusted to meet the presentation requirements. Users can edit the slides with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides and Keynote.

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