CSR Footprints Circular Diagram for PowerPoint

CSR Footprints Circular Diagram for PowerPoint– CSR or Corporate Social Responsibilities are voluntary activities done by corporations or companies to give back to the society. It can be social, health-related, environmental or economic. The PowerPoint template is a selection of creative shapes related to CSR. It can showcase a 3-step initiative process. Standard and professional, the design can surely bring the best infographics.

The PowerPoint design display a set of footprint cycle diagram with 3 steps. It is composed of five novel slides. The first one is an overview of the completed process. Each step is represented by a colored footprint- blue, red and green. A circular diagram is created by the footprints, implying a cycle or a repeating process. The title CSR is placed in the center of the circle. The 2nd slide highlights the blue footprint and has a default title Workplace. The user can enter a system that business has started to give back to its workforce. The 3rd slide emphasize on the red step entitled Society. These can be feeding programs, supporting foundations or donating to a social sector. The last step with green footprint is the Environment. Here, the presenter can enter tree planting programs, seed growing, environmental education, etc. Finally, the lasts slide serves as a summary of the process.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an international norm that requires big business entities or companies to help the community. This creates a mutual relationship between consumers and the business world. It started as an initiative and later on became a business model. It is an investment directed to stakeholders like employees, consumers, the environment, etc.

The template is ideal for business presentation. It can be used to attract consumers or even in promoting the company. CSR heightens the credibility of a company. The PowerPoint shapes are reusable and casual.

Develop excellent CSR presentation with CSR Footprints Circular Diagram for PowerPoint. Circular PowerPoint Templates & Diagrams for Presentations are downloadable at the SlideModel gallery.

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