Cryptocurrency PowerPoint Template

World Map Background and Digital Currency
Earth Globe Digital Network of Currency
Algorithm of Cryptocurrency in PowerPoint
Vector Design Infographic Slide of Internet Money
Circular Illustration of Useful Bitcoin Applications
Bitcoin Currency Symbol Icons Slide
Vector Design Template of Blockchain
Quick Access Illustration of Bitcoin Currency
Bitcoin Cryptographic Key Presentation
Circular Infographic Icons Presentation
Logo of Cryptocurrency Money Services
Infographic Slide of Ethereum Digital Money

The Cryptocurrency PowerPoint Template is a financial and business presentation of decentralized digital currency. The cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum are in the top financial searches. This PowerPoint is a perfect template to explain business, finances, digital money, and transactions. The creative design assists in demonstrating the concept of wealth, online services of banking institutions, and digital technologies. Therefore, the PowerPoint contains diagram model illustrations to understand the basic blockchain concept. Also, it includes the slides of activities, benefits, and approaches to increase revenue by investing in cryptocurrency. This is an ideal presentation template for bankers and business and finance professionals speakers. For instance, use the peer-to-peer network model to visually display the working algorithm of bitcoin for a basic understanding of cryptocurrency. Also, compare various digital currencies from more than 1172 internet money services and more. The transactional properties of Bitcoin include:

  1. Irreversible – The transaction cannot reverse once processed. Therefore, there is no safety against hackers and scammers
  2. Pseudonymous – the transactions and accounts do not exist physically.
  3. Fast and worldwide – Transfers do not delay while making international payments
  4. Secure – The cryptographic key makes it impossible for an outsider to breach the system
  5. No gatekeepers – Users can send money to anyone using free bitcoin software without a medium which can prevent the transaction

This outstanding Cryptocurrency PowerPoint Template has 12 unique vector infographics and interactive illustrations slides. The white, blue, and gold theme of slides provides the immediate idea of a professional business presentation. The template shows various talking points related to digital currency. These include worldwide connectivity, the algorithm model of peer-to-peer networks, applications, benefits, blockchain system, and comparison of other cryptocurrencies. There are many financial and money-related icons such as the Bitcoin currency symbol, gold bars, and cyber technology. Moreover, this PowerPoint is an editable template, enabling users to customize theme, layout, and object properties.

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