Creative Educational Brain PowerPoint Template

Brain Head Illustration for PowerPoint
Learn Section Illustration Slide in Human Brain
Idea Section Illustration Slide in Human Brain
Lightbulb in Brain Slide for PowerPoint
Creative Brain Section Slide in PowerPoint

Connect creativity and education with the Creative Educational Brain PowerPoint Template. Use impactful presentation designs in educational presentations related to the way humans use the mind. The PowerPoint template provides a colourful and informative method of introducing different types of information to the viewers, significantly enhancing the audience experience.

The slide design feature a human head silhouette with a cross-section illustration of the brain. The presentation itself presents the brain as the foremost mechanism in absorbing information. The brain is a complicated organ that controls everything from the involuntary heart beat to the conscious movement of the limbs. In biology, the brain is divided into several sections called lobes. Each lobe has a specific purpose in the thought and memory process.

The PowerPoint template contains a relatively easy method of introducing the lobes to a general audience. By relating the lobes themselves to specific characteristics and components – such as idea and education – the presenter begins a word-to-concept relationship that improves memory retention. By relating the complex biological processes of the brain to common terms, the presenter makes it easier for the audience to understand the function of each lobe. The template itself can be applied as an educational tool for various science presentations. In a business context, the template can serve as a way to show the roles of different departments in an organization, as represented by the brain. Each department can be related to a lobe. For example, marketing teams can be referred to as the temporal lobe of the brain; that is, the creative part of the system.

The principal feature of the template is the head and brain clipart. The brain is divided into five sections, referring to the five lobes of the brain. These lobes are the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe, the occipital lobe, and the brain stem, which is the term for the combined forced of the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata. The frontal lobe is labeled as “learn” and contains an image of a stack of books. The parietal lobe is symbolized by the drawing of a pencil and the label “idea”. A paint palette, labeled “creative”, represents the temporal lobe. A lightbulb icon emphasises the occipital lobe. Finally, the brain stem is shown as “education”.

The Creative Educational Brain PowerPoint Template is suitable for presentations which can be related to the biology of the brain. Alude metaphorically to the thinking mechanism of an individual or an entity. The slides contain fully customizable PowerPoint objects that can be edited to suit the preferences of the presenter. Complement the presentation with additional clipart from our PowerPoint Shapes gallery.

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