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Colored Diamond Shapes for Cost Reduction Methods Presentation
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Cost Reduction PPT Template Slide

Download and customize our creative Cost Reduction Slide Design for PowerPoint to present your company’s cost reduction methodologies. Cost reduction refers to minimizing the operational and processing costs to increase the overall profit. These costs can range from office expenses to surplus supply charges. In lean methodology, it is very important to discover the corners in the business where this cost reduction can be applied. Thus, there can be several ways for every company to reduce the excess costs that help them generate more revenue. This PowerPoint template provides an editable infographic diagram to showcase the cost reduction possibilities.

The first slide of the Cost Reduction Slide Design for PowerPoint shows four diamond shapes representing the four ways of cost reduction: 1- Reduction in transport expenses, 2- Cut supply cost, 3- Lower office space cost, and 4 – Switching to cloud. The four shapes are colored and show grey arrow-shaped extensions with meaningful clipart icons for respective titles. For instance, cart shape icon for transport cost reduction, chairs for office space cost cutting, etc. These shapes are further marked with numbers and editable text areas to add details. Users can customize this slide with appropriate headings according to the requirements. The second slide is a three-step timeline design with diamond shapes attached through thin colored lines.

The diamond shapes in this timeline slide carry clipart icons that the presenters can replace. The curved arrowheads between the shapes on alternate sides indicate continuity or process flow. Users can add titles and details to each segment using the editable text areas. The same set of slides is available with a black background variant. Also, the presenters can adjust the color scheme and font style to match their presentation theme. So, download this PPT template and prepare an engaging cost reduction presentation to demonstrate your company’s cost-cutting strategy.

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