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Featured on the PowerPoint template is a Copyright Word Cloud Picture for PowerPoint. Improve business presentations with these quick and simple slide designs. Create PowerPoint presentations which are ideal for time-bound reports or discussions involving a single major topic.

Copyright is defined as the sole legal right to reproduce, publish, and sell a book, music recording, or any intellectual property, for a certain period of time. This period is generally regarded, for all accounting purposes, as ranging from the time the idea was copyrighted, to until a predefined number of years.

This theoretical concept usually stands to legal requirements. It is one of the reasons why works by such highly esteemed people such as the Grimm Brothers and Beethoven can be so easily used today. They are even classified in archives as public works, allowing anyone to use their stories and music, respectively, without fear of being charged with copyright infringement.

The PowerPoint template features the word “copyright” in block letters, with a dark outline and white fill. This design allows to stand out against the white background and the black font with which the other words are written. These words include the terms, license, trademark, protected, patent, and legal rights.

The presenter can choose the slide to specifically differentiate copyright from trademark and patent, as these are usually treated as interchangeable although they are not. Trademark differs from copyright by being an identifier for a particular company’s product. It is renewable, however, because the company may decide to change its identity, by altering their logos, mascots, name designs, etc. Patent, on the other hand, is an official document which gives an entity the right to be the sole provider of a good or a service. For example, in some newly-developed medicines, the patent only lasts for about twelve years, before other manufacturers can make generic versions. This allows the original maker to earn and profit on the capital they had spent in the research and development phase of the business.

Ideal for presenters who wish to have minimalist slides, the Copyright Word Cloud Picture for PowerPoint can also serve as a simple overview slide to provide visual cues which let the presenter pick out certain terms for discussion. The presenter can also download other PowerPoint templates from the Slide Model Gallery, like the Education Word Cloud Picture for PowerPoint.

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