Business Pipeline PowerPoint Template & Infographic

The Business Pipeline PowerPoint Template & Infographic is a creative slide template to present business pipeline processes. A pipeline refers to a series of events leading to a major goal. In business and sales terminology, the pipeline metaphor explains processes like lead generation or conversions. This infographic diagram shows a pipeline illustration with multiple curves, wheel valves, and gates. Professionals can use this diagram to discuss concepts like sales pipelines, project management, or supply chain pipelines. The slide has text boxes to mention the presentation points. Presenters can conveniently download and customize the slide with any PowerPoint version, Google Slides or Keynote. 

Our Business Pipeline PowerPoint Template & Infographic is a one-pager template provided in two background color options. The diagram is created using 100% editable PowerPoint shapes. Users can change the color tones, bends, and other diagram features. The pipeline illustration begins with a red-colored wheel valve. The blue-colored pipeline begins from the left side and then becomes vertical, gradually giving three bends. At each bend of the pipeline, there is a control grate illustration. These control gates can indicate important points in the pipeline, such as milestones or decision-making. Likewise, the wheel valve represents the control point for the pipeline, where decisions are made about the flow of resources or information. Below the three turns of the pipeline, bold percentages are shown, i.e., 25%, 50%, and 75%. These values depict the completion of the process or success.

Users can add milestone details with every curve of the pipeline. Business, finance, sales & marketing, or project management professionals can grab and personalize this engaging PPT template for their professional presentations. The slides are also ideal for training trainees to understand how the pipeline process works. So, download and create interactive presentations with this pipeline metaphor PowerPoint template!

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