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The Brain Concept Diagram PowerPoint Templates is a presentation specifically designed for brainstorming of ideas. Critical thinking session of insights is the first and foremost thing to do in any project plan. There is always a place to start from. The first question to be answered is, what is the ultimate goal. The rest is how to achieve that goal in a best feasible way. The main flow of brainstorming or problem-solving techniques is firstly divided into two groups. One is to think alone and the other is to discuss with the group.

There are number of solutions for every problem in hand. This is where thinking outside the box and being creative comes in handy. Important thing is to list down all the clustered thoughts, map possibilities, classify and categorized them. Then create a conceptual relationship of ideas (mind mapping), which is the core of this process. This creative thinking needs to be exercised while brainstorming alone and with the group. Shortlist the best possible options in terms of quantity and quality both. Narrow down until left with one best option from the proposed views of all practical solutions.

The Brain Concept Diagram PowerPoint Templates consists of two slides of editable color themes option. The user can edit text fields, resize and change color of all slide elements. The diagram shows left and right sides of the brain which can help list down logical vs. creative insights. The numbers pointed towards the brain can be used to list elements of problem-solving presentation. The slides also contain four infographic icons, related to thinking process. Tea-cup for refreshing, 5-star to add in favorites, tag and origami bird for uncertainty. These icons can be used to categorize listed suggestions.

This PowerPoint template design can be used by anyone for fresh ideas. The students, professors but most importantly, business professionals of every field in the world can use it. It can be used in innovation and creativity of new project, product and motivation in organization. Never underestimate the power of simple, half-way, or dull opinion. Sometimes even the weakest idea can give most unexpected results. 

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