BMI Chart PowerPoint Template

Impress global audiences with a class nutritional presentation using the BMI Chart PowerPoint Template. The user can display the variables and their effect on the total body mass index in a creative manner. The PowerPoint designs show human silhouettes representing the different body mass categories. This makes a clear and concise report for the audience to easily understand.

Body mass index (BMI) is directly related to a person’s well-being. An inappropriate body mass, whether too much or too low, can mean malnutrition. Malnutrition therefore is a sign that there is an abnormality in that individual’s health. Being underweight or obese has its downsides and call to action. Knowing one’s BMI can help the person identify the exercises and diet that is good for him. This can eventually lead to a successful fight against malnutrition and later on, a healthy lifestyle.

Most charts are made in excel. However, using this PowerPoint template you can now exhibit it in PowerPoint. It consists of seven slides. The first slide is a collection of all body mass categories. Those categories are underweight, healthy weight, overweight, obese and clinically obese. The different colored areas in the plane are values for each category. This is highlighted in the second slide. In the 3rd to 6th slides, every category can be explained thoroughly by the user. He can detail on what ranges of height and weight can one be considered in a certain BMI category. What can be done to achieve a healthy body can be included in these slides. As well as the risks a person in one category is exposed.

BMI charts are ideal tools for nutritional discussions but can also be applied to many biomedical concepts. The slides design is very flexible. It can be customized according the presenter’s specifications. It can be used daily, weekly or annual reports.

Create intensive visuals for demonstrations through BMI Chart PowerPoint Template.

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