Blue Circles Infographic PowerPoint Diagram

Blue Circles Infographic PowerPoint Diagram can generate a creative process diagram. It uses an ocean color theme with blue and green shades. The color palette can be changed using the Design functions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

A process diagram is a graphical representation of the different steps taken in a procedure. It is generally applied in business presentations as a visual aid that links specific elements to visual metaphors, such as a gear, a pie chart, a handshake, and a light bulb. The relationship between the concept and the symbol is a common design technique applied to improve the understanding of the information presented.

The PowerPoint template can showcase four elements of a certain entity. The icons can represent these elements, symbolizing their respective roles. For example, in a business plan, the light bulb can symbolize the brainstorming process and how it contributes to the birth of the plan. The pie chart can refer to the research phase and the statistical information which feed the plan. The handshake represents the deal between two parties, and the gear can symbolize the logistics.

The diagram is created by five circles, four of which fan out behind the fifth one. A flower-like effect is created by overlapping the circles. The four circles contain the symbols, while the remaining circle contains a text placeholder for the title of the diagram. Four text placeholders are found near the symbols. These are for the descriptions of each element.

Create a presentation that can influence corporate professionals using the Blue Circle Infographic PowerPoint Diagram. The shapes and objects in the PowerPoint template are 100% editable. The user can modify the contents of the slides in order to mold them to their branding look and feel specifications. The presenter can combine additional Circular PowerPoint Diagrams from our Gallery.

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